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How to choose a limousine service for your wedding.


There are many guides and wedding sites that offer tips on how to choose the right limousine company for your wedding, however many of these sites give poor advice and actually set up the bride and groom with unrealistic expectations. We hope you choose Daytona Limos to offer your wedding day service however this guide is nonbiased and its purpose is to ensure you receive the right limousine for your wedding. Many people who write wedding guides have only been involved in one or two weddings; we have been involved in hundreds. When it comes to advice on limousine companies we have the behind the scenes knowledge the typical wedding guides do not have.

The following points will be covered below in our selecting a wedding limo service guide.












Final selection

The biggest mistake most people make when shopping for a limousine is just shopping on price. It amazes me; numerous popular wedding sites actually recommend this tactic. I will not quote the exact site, but one even went as far to say ďStart your shopping by compiling a list of local limousines companies. Once your list is complete call each company and select your top 3 based on who offers the best priceĒ This is the first step to being disappointed.

Whether you think you will need the time or not, 3 hour wedding packages are typically the minimum time you can rent a limousine for your wedding. Selecting a limousine is usually one of the last things a bride or groom selects and many times they have already gone over budget on many other items so it only makes sense to save money on a limousine by booking for one hour or using the company that has the best price. Wrong by the time it is said and done you will have spent thousands of dollars on your wedding. A wedding is typically one of the most wonderful days of a personís life. It is also a day that can be extremely stressful. A lot can go wrong with a limousine booking, is it really worth saving a few hundred dollars to have your prefect plans ruined by a no show limousine, late limousine, wrong color limousine, or anything less than what you where expecting. Think about it, if your wedding budget is a $5,000 to $10,000 range a quality limousine from a reputable company will only cost you 3% to 6% of your budget, a small investment to ensure your safety, comfort, style, and timely arrival to your wedding.

Many wedding guides view the limousine companies as all the same, the good companies are lumped in with the bad companies. Most of the tips given revolve around the idea that the limousine companies are out to screw you. Sadly this can be the case with some companies but this can be avoided by following our recommendations.

I have heard and read many horror stories on the internet about how limousine companies ruined a wedding by not showing up, unprofessional chauffeurs, old limousines, broken limousines, the wrong limousine showing up, showing up late, and the list goes on and on. Most of these stories revolve around how terrible the limousine company was, how the owners donít care, and a list of things that ruined their perfect wedding. Many of these stories are sad and unfortunate, however the time honored truth of you get what you pay for is especially true for limousine companies. When you go shopping for a place to hold the reception, price is a concern, however it is not the only consideration. Holding a wedding reception at the Motel 6 vs. the Hilton would save you a lot of money however you can be assured there is a substantial difference between the two.

Selecting a limousine can be a difficult task there are so many choices and styles. To receive the best bang for your buck, consider deciding your budget first. It makes no cents to call all over town asking about Hummer Limos, Escalade Limos and Party Buses when you have a very small budget. Typically renting one limousine and using it longer will cost you less than using two or more limousines for a shorter period on time. Keep in mind almost every limousine company has minimum hourly rentals

Realistic budgets for limousines from respectable companies. You will be able to find companies that offer cheaper prices than these however these are not the companies you want to use for your wedding day. The following rates are for standard weddings. Keep in mind rates are more expensive if your wedding is on the day of a special event, holiday or prom.

Some companies will offer pick up and drop off service however it is typically not in your best interest to book this service. Weddings ALWAYS last longer than you plan. If you purchase one hour of service or a flat rate transfer and you keep the chauffeur waiting you will be charged a lot more for the extra time than if you had purchased a 3 hour package.

3 Hour packages are typically not available on Friday or Saturday nights for runs ending after 5:00pm. Most limousine companies have 5-6 hour minimum after 5:00pm on Friday and Saturday night. Hourly packages will be priced higher because this is the peak demand time for limousines. If you have not chosen your wedding time yet, consider having a mid day wedding not only will your limousine cost less so will most of the other things you have to spend money on. Also consider having your wedding during the week or on Sunday, this will ensure the best availability of limousines and you will not have to rent the limousine for 5 to 6 hours.

Tips for the best time of year to hold your wedding in regards to receiving the limousine you want at a great price. Summer is a great time to hold a wedding, and it ensures a great selection of limousines at good prices. June thru August is typically the slow season for limousines; many companies even offer 3 hour wedding packages on Friday and Saturday nights. Keep this in mind if you have not planned your wedding yet. The worst time to plan your wedding is during prom season, which runs from March thru May. Limousines will be extremely hard to come by and expect to have hourly minimums after 4:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Most companies during this time have 6-8 hour minimums depending on the limousines you are looking at; also prices will be the most expensive during this time. Another thing to consider is limousines are used for many things besides just weddings; they are used for sporting events, concerts and special events. When choosing a date to hold your wedding make sure you do not pick a day that is a special event, or major sporting event. You may not care about the event that is taking place however many others will be attending the event and the demand for limousines will be very high. When the demand for limousines is high the prices and hourly minimums will be higher. Check the calendar and the internet before deicing on your date.

 How early should I book my limousine? This depends on the date of your wedding however keep in mind most every limousine company operates on a first come first serve basis. Limousine fleets are based on the average usage per year which means the majority of the year limousine companies keep their fleets at level where all of their cars are booked out each weekend. Limousines are expensive, so companies do not keep enough limousines on hand to book every reservation during peak time. A good rule of thumb is to book your limousine service 3-6 months in advance. Some of the wedding websites will tell you to book a year in advance, insinuating that you will get the best price by booking really early. Typically limousine prices fluctuate during the year and most companies will charge you the same price whether you book 12 months or 3 months in advance. Be extremely wary of limousine companies that offer you excellent deals during prom season or during special events when you book your reservations 12 months in advance. Some limousine companies do not keep track of major events or proms until they are approximately 3-6 months a way. If you are checking prices for your wedding date and one company is substantially cheaper than everyone else chance is they do not know what event or prom is being held on the date. Once they discover that they have booked a 3 hour wedding package on a day that should have a 6-12 hour minimum they will cancel your reservation, or they may not even tell you and they just wonít show up claiming the limousine broke down or some other story. If a deal sounds to good to be true it probably is. As mentioned before you get what you pay for. If you where shopping for a beachside hotel for New Years Eve and one hotel was hundreds of dollars cheaper would you select that as your hotel, probably not, the same goes for limousines. If you are not paying the market rate you will be getting less than expected.

 Companies offering the best deals and lowest prices are the ones you do not want to book with for your wedding. Limousines take a lot of abuse and they do not hold up well over time. Going with a low priced limousine company will typically always mean you are getting an old limousine. While you may not think this really important it is. Keep in mind the current body style Lincoln Town Car came out in 2003. The previous generation Lincoln Town Car ran from 1998 to 2002 and the generation before that ran from 1990 to 1997. See our page on how to spot an old limo for more details,

 With this knowledge now in hand, if the limousine you are considering is not the current body style of the Lincoln Town Car it is at newest 7 years old with a possibility of being 19 years old. I am sure you would not consider owning a vehicle that was 7-19 years old, and if you do, you know the problems that old vehicles have. limousines are larger and heavier than standard vehicles, so with age and mileage the problems only multiply. Donít be embarrassed on the most important day of your life. Only consider renting a current body style limousine regardless of the limousines companiesí claim of how well maintained their limos are. The money you will save is not worth the problems you will have on your wedding day.


How do I find limousine companies to consider for my wedding? Simple look on the internet, a companyís website tells you a lot about the company. The nicer the website typically the better company you are dealing with. homemade or free websites should be your first clue of companies to avoid. If the companies email is anything like or avoid these companies at all cost. New limousines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, however these days a company web domain with email cost under a thousand dollars. You may ask yourself how can a company afford to buy expensive limos yet they have to use a free mail account such a Gmail. The answer is simply they donít really have a fleet of the nice limos they claim to have. They most likely have a Lincoln limousine that is a minimum of 10 years old.

Once on a limousine companyís website the most important page is their fleet page. Keep and eye out for generic or stock pictures of limousines. If a company only shows what clearly look like manufactures pictures or a few small pictures this is your second warning. Sadly many limousine companies show pictures of new limousines on their website however they only have old limousines. Limousines companies who own nice limousines are proud of the limos and will feature numerous pictures of the inside and outside.

Thank you for taking the time to read Daytona Limos guide to selecting a limousine for your wedding. I hope you have found the information to be helpful and we look forward to providing limousine service for your wedding.


Make your wedding a success, choose Daytona Limos for your special day!

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